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well the stories that are not done will be done before i get into school





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wow, it's been awhile since i was on here, and people i know i'm still missing some other parts of my work here and yes please keep in mind i'm a highschool student and it's all hitting me too hard for me to write so please try to keep calm.

and while on the other hand tough I have been working on game playing and trying to animate and work on writing skills, since i'm actually working on my school's newspaper and that I have been spending time with family/friends/girlfriend just trying to cope with all of it is stressful, but right now i'll give you a heads up what have happened within a year

August - September: School starts for me, at first I start off strong and keep up until I suffered a guilt feeling for awhile and dropped a lot of good grades. now i'm holding at a B- to a C+ average.

October - November: I met my friend's (soon to be Ex) boyfriend, 'Was' a good guy and all but I never knew that he'd be a total dick in the end. so far now he's gotten into enough trouble right now to say, he's gone for good.

Late November - February (now of valentines day of 2014) within this time period I have to say That one human cannot fuck things up at all so much so fast. On Black Friday of 2013 i have personally fucked up things which brought violence and trust issues into a lot of people i know. 
Now about up to now ever since my friend a good 'friend' yet i use that term harshly have been living with me ever since he got kicked out of his mom's house. A lazy talent-less, mother fucker who back stabbed me and bad mouthed me when my back was turned was kicked out of my house today. and so far i have been finding my inner piece for the previous hours now.

December - February: Most people would hear about Insane Clown Posse right? well my friend who Calls herself "Raven" me, alongside her and rather her boyfriend and a few loyal friends have brought up a music group called "Kannibal Karnval" 
and alongside I have taken music up as my name of zombie, "Papa Big Curly", and Sean the shogun. Hopefully when i get famous my Album will be on your Ipod, Phone, tablet whatever (i say this jokingly but may happen)

Gaming news:
Fuck call of duty and battlefield franchise since i have lost all respect for both of them. Sadly ANOTHER call of duty will be out November of this year as usual. Rumors hear that Sledgehammer games will take over this one rather than Treyarch and Infinity Ward.

With the free games on xbox 360 (and no, I will NOT be Buying any new game consoles until i need one so no xbone or Playstation 4.) I have been playing the hell out of World of Spanks (Tanks) and dead island, and during the time of this writing I've heard that the new game of march shall be a call of duty itself, which one? my guess call of duty 4, or world at war.

On the side note i have been paying the shit out of Metal gear solid HD collection, and Devil May Cry HD Collection, and dark souls hyped for dark souls 2, word of advice "If I am to parish from this world because of said disc, remind yourself I did not parish from this world because of it, but because of my skills."

Well so far that's all i have guys and gals, please leave a comment if you want and I'll get back to you guys. and good night and good fight.


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Sean Miller
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I am a high school student who has a passion for writing and literature. I am the laziest motherfucker you'll ever meet, but in the end i'm and honest man and the most giving. Of course i do wrong but i the end i'll try to right them

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Welcome back
naruto200975 Aug 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
thank you, i have recreated somethings for show and have updated and revised on some other types as well
Pronon1990 Jan 4, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
naruto200975 Jan 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Pronon1990 Jan 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
how are u
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