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well the stories that are not done will be done before i get into school





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When you put the following things inside a story:
  1. BDSM
  2. Gothic
  3. Steampunk
  4. and an post-apocalyptic nightmare
then you add the theme of:

  1. Watchmen
  2. and a sin city theme
what could you possibly get out of it when it goes through a mind of a teenager?

Well the answer is quite simple: Something that your parents would be ashamed of if they caught you reading it, Your friends making fun of you, and constantly getting sick, angered, dramatized, and another substitute for pron, or male/female enhancement! (no literally!)

But before I dive deep into this summary I want to give out the character list of book one. and chapter one:

Sean (well me) - one of the MANY "guardians" that are thrown into this cesspool of sin, and lust. to look over the normal people and keep the peace, even in lawful/unlawful times. The hulking, gun totting, alcohol and porn addicted, and maniacal sociopath. Kind of really reminds myself of what my life is...I gotta rethink my life now, that really hurt. The reason why I was stuck in this place was to start a kingdom, to rid that "holy" place of a hell utopias and rise my own kingdom, from sin and lust.

Kalob - Bent on doing nothing but righting what was wrong, and trying to get revenge on david for his isolation and murder of his clan, Kalob before went on a nature like retreat and became one with the natives. well then he became one with nature and became a hunter and a planner. Though plans go from hell bent, to shit hitting the fan. kalob is the loyal and ignorant one of this group.

blayd - my man with a past of forgiveness. With the love of his life gone from his side, and problems with drugs that got him a dishonorable discharge from military service, blayd had no choice to work on small time jobs, blood on his hands or not. But with war, and drugs in his body, eventually he broke down and came to us in his time of need. only a hollow shell of his former self and oen goal: To get matter what the cost.

Tj - Wanting revenge for david as well, Tj: Kalobs actions along with sean: his voice and conscience. Tj wants david dead for the fact that sam had to be stuck with a man like him, like blayd, with drugs and alcohol in his system, he too wants to stick david's head on a pike, and rid the planet of those utopias once and for all!

Samantha/sam - the loyal, kind hearted, caring, loving woman of the group. (not to mention the biggest cocktease in the group) Sam stays along side the boys in their endeavors to reclaim a kingdom, Bent on a lot of tings herself, She looks over the boys. To make sure when shit hits the fan, she can get them out. Like another girl in the novel, sam is the girl of teasing and manipulating, especially kalob. sam gets what she wants, when she wants!

Melissa/missy - Sean's girl, with similarities in the millions! not to mention the sam with sam, but unlike sam. Melissa takes pride in trying to be the dominant one on and off the field. Which sean takes as an offense and a challenge. Her goal is to support sean through hell and back. But worries that sean's determination will be the death of him.

David/Mr. Blanton - the greedy, son of a whore, who created these safe havens.
along with his hatred for all of us, he thought that the people like him could live in peace, as the rest of us would die, for our own survival. and with the sub districts gone and dead, they'd tear down the walls and expand across the fucking earth.
his goal, is genocide...not by color, or race, or gender...but by if you support him, or are against him.


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Sean "Big Papa" Miller
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My name is Sean and Welcome to my deviantart page.
Here I post my personal literature, whether it should be Yuri/Yaoi/Normal.

Please, if you're going to be a rather annoying douche, i'm going to have to ask you to leave.

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